Andy Hickl & Alan Liu

CEO & Research Scientist, A.R.O. Inc.

Enabling the Next Wave of Context-Aware Apps

Andy is a savvy technologist with a passion for unlocking actionable intelligence from noisy streams of continuous data, such as those found in unstructured text or obtained from smartphone sensors. He is also an experienced early-stage startup CEO, having led four companies to develop market-ready software products from bleeding-edge technologies.

Alan is a Research Scientist with a background is in the design, prototyping, and evaluation of mobile, ubiquitous applications using low and medium fidelity methods (e.g., Wizard of Oz simulation). He is especially interested in novel applications of sensing and other data sources in enabling new user experiences and interactions to aid people in improving their quality of life.

Using the CrowdSignals Data

Andy and Alan will use data from the CrowdSignals Campaign as a new, low-cost resource when developing context-aware apps and services at A.R.O.

CrowdSignals Endorsement

"I can tell you that CrowdSignals is important because it saves my company money - because you've got high-quality data capture, you've got high-fidelity data distribution. But the reason CrowdSignals is most important to me is that it gives the power of all this data to the community."

   - Andy Hickl, CEO, A.R.O. Inc.

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