David Racz

Principal Scientist, Online Services Division - Microsoft

Better Services With Behavioral Models

Since his early days at Nokia Research in the late 1990s, David has been fascinated with studying and connecting people through their mobile devices. In the mid-2000s, David led design and development of Nokia Simple Context, a highly scalable mobile data collection and analysis platform that improved Nokia's services through personalized ranking, relevancy, and recommendation. NSC also powered the Lausanne Data Collection Campaign, the largest open mobile data collection campaign to date which in turn inspired 100s of new research projects through the Nokia Mobile Data Challenge. At Microsoft David uses mobile data to improve services such as Bing Maps and Local Search.

CrowdSignals Endorsement

"This is a great, unique opportunity to use crowdfunding to help provide incentives for people to contribute their data - to build a dataset that will have enormous value for all kinds of partners and stakeholders."
   - David Racz, Principal Scientist, Microsoft

Using the CrowdSignals Data

For David, the CrowdSignals Campaign represents a step toward his long time vision of creating a "Large Hadron Collider for social science". He will use the data for a variety of research and development on services for mobile behaviors.

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