Evan Welbourne

Organizer, CrowdSignals.io - Founder and CEO, AlgoSnap

Understanding Ourselves Through Data

Since the early 2000s Evan has worked at the intersection of context-awareness, privacy, and data management for mobile, ubiquitous, and sensor systems. He led the Device Intelligence Group at Samsung Research where his team applied core expertise in context, machine learning, mobility, and predictive analytics to deliver intelligent, personalized user experiences for Samsung's Android and Tizen products. As a Sr Researcher at Nokia he designed and built the Symbian, Meego, and Android software for the Simple Context system which was used in the Lausanne Data Collection Campaign - one of the largest longitudinal mobile data collection campaigns to date. He has published 20+ papers and holds 15+ patents. He previously managed the Computer Vision Research Group at Amazon, worked for Microsoft Research and Intel Research, and holds a Ph.D. from University of Washington, CSE.

Organizing CrowdSignals.io

Evan created and organized the CrowdSignals.io project and his company AlgoSnap will execute the data collection campaign. AlgoSnap will eventually make its platform for ethical data collection available to students, scientists, and developers everywhere.

CrowdSignals Endorsement

"We organized CrowdSignals.io to address the critical scarcity of shared mobile data sets. By combining insights, expertise, and small contributions from the community we're creating terabytes of high-quality data that will drive research in a diversity of fields. Data from our devices will eventually help us to understand ourselves as individuals and as a society."

   - Evan Welbourne, CEO, AlgoSnap

Connect with Evan

Homepage: http://evanwelbourne.com