Glen Duncan

Associate Professor, University of Washington Epidemiology

Understanding the Impact of Physical Activities

For the last two decades Glen has worked in exercise physiology and epidemiology. His primary research interests comprise three areas: (1) relationships among cardiovascular fitness, body fatness, and metabolic disease (e.g., metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes); (2) lifestyle interventions involving increased habitual physical activity and/or exercise training and dietary modifications in the prevention and treatment of metabolic and cardiovascular disease; and, (3) non-biological determinants of physical activity and obesity (e.g., access, income, and the physical environment).

Glen is also Director of the University of Washington Twin Registry.

Using the CrowdSignals Data

Glen will use the CrowdSignals data to study the relationship between physical activities (derived from sensor and survey data) and various physiological phenomena.

CrowdSignals Endorsement

"This is a potentially great opportunity to collect a wide swath of data in different environmental contexts - I personally could see a lot of use for this data in the kinds of research I normally do with the built environment and the social environment"

- Glen Duncan, Associate Professor
University of Washington, Epidemiology

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