Jonathan Rubin

Backer, - Research Scientist, PARC, A Xerox Company

Deep Learning for Pervasive Health

Jonathan is a Research Scientist at PARC, where his research focuses on the use of machine/deep learning in biomedical and physiological data. He is interested in the analysis of data from mobile and wearable devices for pervasive and ubiquitous health management purposes. He has investigated how mobile and wearable technology can be used within health condition management systems for disorders such as panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and depressive disorder. He is particularly interested in the analysis of physiological data in order to infer information about psychological state. His research interests include affective computing, ubiquitous computing, artificial intelligence, machine/deep learning and physiological data analysis.

Activity Recognition and Affective Computing

Jonathan will use the data that provides to improve and broaden the types of activity recognition that currently exist. In addition, he will use physiological data from wearable devices for affective computing purposes.

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