Vinayak Naik

Backer, - Associate Professsor, IIIT-Delhi

Collective Wisdom through Mobile Crowds

Vinayak Naik joined IIIT-Delhi as an Assistant Professor in 2010. He is Chief Architect at Backpack Labs. He received his PhD in CSE from Ohio State University, USA in 2006 and BTech from VJTI, Mumbai in 1999. He has worked at Microsoft Research, VMware R&D, IISc, UCLA, Telcordia, and TCS. His research focuses on mobile computing. He was honored with Google IoT Research Award in Mar 2016, Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award under the category of MLM (More from less from Many) in Mar 2016, Rajiv Gandhi Excellence award in Aug 2011 and CENS-UCLA Local Employee Award in Aug 2008. His PhD students have been awarded IBM Research PhD Fellowship, Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship, Google Best Presenter Award at MobiSys’12 conference, and Prime Minister's Fellowship Scheme for Doctoral Research. He has received funding from DST, DeITY, ITRA, MSR (India and USA), and Nokia Research (India, Finland, and USA).

Using the Data

With the increasing penetration of the Internet and communication technologies such as smart phones, tablet pc, etc., into our societies, we are not only getting increasingly connected with the rest of the world, but also are presented with more opportunities than ever to gather, study, and take decisions based on a collective wisdom. For instance, through crowd­sourced data, we can start asking questions like: "Am I burning enough calories to stay fit in the long run?" "Am I living a healthy lifestyle overall to avoid chronic illness like diabetes?", and so on. Vinayak plans to use data from solve these questions.

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