Samuel Madden

Professor, MIT CSAIL -- Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of Cambridge Mobile Telematics

A Critical Big Data Challenge for Researchers

Sam leads BigData@CSAIL where he brings together world leaders in parallel architecture, massive-scale data processing, algorithms, machine learning, visualization, and interfaces to collectively identify and address the fundamental technology challenges we face with Big Data. He has worked extensively with mobile data in CarTel and other projects, and is now Founder and Chief Scientist of Cambridge Mobile Telematics, an MIT start-up focused on making sense of big mobile data.

Using the CrowdSignals Data

Sam will use data from the CrowdSignals Campaign as a new way to explore and address challenges in the analysis and management of big mobile data.

CrowdSignals Endorsement

"This is a super cool idea! CrowdSignals represents a new source of Big Mobile Data which is likely to enable research in a variety of areas."

   - Sam Madden, Professor, MIT CSAIL

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