Henry Tirri

Executive in Residence, Aalto University

Accelerating Research for the Good of Humanity

Henry is a C-level executive with broad technology background and business experience on a global scale in driving high technology product and R&D operations. The former CTO of Nokia, he is a recognized senior-level visionary technology leader and strategist. As Executive in Residence at Aalto University, Henry provides students with the latest information on the growth, strategies, and management of high technology companies. He has also held positions as a full or affiliated Professor with a variety of institutions (e.g., UC Berkeley, U Helsinki, Stanford) and was awarded First Class Knight of the Order of White Rose of Finland.

Henry researches intelligence in machines. Believing that reasoning under uncertainty is one central aspect of intelligent behavior, he has spent the last 20 years pursuing fundamental questions related to building models from data, and performing predictive inference from such models.

Advising CrowdSignals

Henry lends his broad expertise on mobile data collection and research as an advisor to the CrowdSignals project. He is most interested in helping CrowdSignals deliver accelerated innovation to the global research community.

CrowdSignals Endorsement

"Modern technology development is driven by data. CrowdSignals will accelerate innovation in many disciplines for the good of humanity. Data collection campaigns like this are expensive, time consuming and very hard for any single research group to organize - CrowdSignals will provide a competitive edge at an excellent value for researchers both in academia and industry."

- Henry Tirri, Executive in Residence
Aalto University

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