Vidya Setlur

Research Scientist, Tableau Software

Improving Mobile Experience Through Data

Vidya has over a decade experience in ideation, prototyping, and evaluation of novel user interfaces for mobile and desktop platforms. Her research spans a variety of topics, from data semantics, information visualization and iconography, to cross device and multimodal interaction using gestures and sensors, map navigation and automotive interfaces. Throughout her tenure as a Principal Scientist at Nokia and Tableau Software, she has relied on mobile data both as a source of inspiration and validation in her work.

Using the CrowdSignals Data

Vidya will use the CrowdSignals data as new source for work on semantic visualization.

CrowdSignals Endorsement

"This project will be extremely valuable to a lot of people whether it's small scale - single users, or a company. [...] It would be extremely valuable if the entire data can be collected from a community and then shared, given back to the community - and coming up with those clever ways of empowering the user with his information."
   - Vidya Setlur, Research Scientist, Tableau Software

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