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Collect Data in Minutes from Thousands of Participants Using the CrowdSignals Platform

Free Sample Dataset

Smartphone + Smartwatch Data Collected using the CrowdSignals Platform

Dataset Description

The 5 hour sample dataset consists of data collected by two participants wearing a smartwatch on the dominant wrist and a smartphone placed inside the right-front pant pocket. Each session recorded 2.5 hours of continuous data from 20 sensors while the participants precisely labeled examples of eight activities. We are including the sample dataset along with sample code in Java and Python that will help you explore it for free!

The CrowdSignals Platform was created to enable researchers and developers in Industry and Academia collect the data they need to solve critical problems in a fraction of the time. The CrowdSignals Platform is in alpha and has not yet been released to the general public. We are presently evolving the platform in collaboration with key partners. If you are interested in having early access please contact us at founders@AlgoSnap.com

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