Backer Profile: Flora Salim, Senior Lecturer at RMIT University

Flora SalimDr. Flora Salim is a Senior Lecturer at the Computer Science and IT department, School of Science, RMIT University. Her research interests are mobile data mining, context-aware computing, activity and behaviour recognition, and context and semantic learning. Her research seeks to enhance user experience by monitoring their behaviours and how they use and interact with their environments, such as in smart home, smart cities, urban transport and mobility, using ambient technologies and ubiquitous computing. Her recent work focuses on analysing and predicting the fine-grained behaviours in human mobility by leveraging heterogeneous sensor data. Previously, she was a Research Fellow at RMIT Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory and an Honorary Research Fellow and Associate Lecturer at Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University. She obtained her PhD in Computer Science from Monash University in 2009. She has secured grants from Australian Research Council, IBM Smarter Cities Lab, Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network, and numerous industry partners.

Flora will use the data to conduct multiple activity recognition tasks for the purpose of situation recognition.

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