Proposals for Ground Truth: Place, Contacts, Sedentary Activity

Following discussion with several expert backers, we’re proposing the following labels for ground truth on Places Visited, Contact Relationships, and Sedentary Activities.  If you have any feedback, please share it in the comments section or send directly to us at

Place Mining

Places Visited
   The data on places visited captures a user’s mobility patterns using semantic place categories that do not include any absolute location coordinates. We’re using a relatively standard approach to extraction of significant places from location data (e.g., clustering WLAN, GPS, and GSM data over time). The resulting places are initially tied to a geographic location and one or more visit events that include arrival and departure times. participants will review the (geographically pinned) places on a map and provide one of the following labels for each. The data received by backers will include only place labels with no absolute location information.

Major Place Category Minor Place Category
Personal Home, Work, Friend’s house, Family member’s house
Automotive Automobile club, Parking, Car parts, Car rental, Repair service, Car dealership/repair, Car wash, Gas station
Business Bank, Service business, ATM, Convention/Exhibition center, Currency exchange, Manufacturing business
Education University/College, School, Nursery/Pre-school, Elementary school, Middle school, High school
Emergency Pharmacy, General practitioner, Specialist, Dental surgeon/Dentist, Veterinarian, EMS, Fire station, Hospital, Police station
Entertainment Art gallery, Arcade, Casino, Cinema, Museum, Night life/Disco, Stage, Winery
Food & Drink Fast food, Bar, Ice cream, Pizzeria, Restaurant
Government Court house, Embassy, Government office, Prisons
Lodging Camping, Guest house, Hotel, Recreational camp, Youth hostel
Other Travel agency, Cemetery, Others
Recreation Amusement park, Beach, Fairground, National park, National forest, State park, Park, Zoo/Aquarium, Stadium/Arena, Outdoor sport, Bowling alley, Golf course, Ice rink, Sports center, Swimming pool, Tennis court, Marina, Squash court, Pool hall, Others, Hiking ground, Ski resort, Fitness club
Public Services Library, Post office, Tourist information
Service Shops Shopping center, Service shop, Specialty store, Grocery
Tourist Attraction Building, Monument, Mountain, Other tourist attractions, Church
Traffic Related Border post/Frontier crossing, Mountain pass, Rest area
Travel Airline access, Airport, Ferry terminal, Railway station

Contact Relationships

Contact Relationships
   Contact relationship labels capture the participant-contact relationship category for each anonymous contact communicated with during the data collection period.  The proposed labels for use by participants when labeling contact relationships are as follows.

Contact Category Contact Relationship
Family Daughter, Son, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Nephew, Niece, Cousin, Grandfather, Grandmother, Grandson, Granddaughter, Mother-in-law, Father-in-law, Brother-in-law, Sister-in-law
Romantic Husband, Wife, Spouse, Domestic Partner, Significant Other
Friendship Best Friend, Friend, Significant Other
Organizational Boss, Employee, Co-Worker, Business Partner, Teacher, Student, Classmate, Religious Leader, Religious Group Member
Community Neighbor, Member of Community Group

Sedentary Activities
   Sedentary activity labels will be collected simply with a two-part lockscreen questionnaire: first, are you seated? Then if so, what are you doing?  The second label may take on any of the following values:

Sedentary Behaviors
Eating, In Transit, Hobby, Playing a Game, Reading, Socializing, Using Computer, Watching Television, Working


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